If you're fed up of feeling stuck, need a game plan to deal with a tricky employee issue, or just want reassurance that you are dealing with your HR matters correctly, then this is for you.  

What is it? A 60 minute 1:1 virtual HR session, which takes place by phone or Zoom .  

What can we cover? Whatever you need. It could be a tricky employee issue like sickness absence or poor performance or you want a confidence boost on how to lead your team. I cover anything to do with hiring, firing, inspiring and HR including employment law. 

Who you will speak to? You will always speak to me, Mandy Hamerla. I'm a qualified and experienced HR Director. Click here to read more about me. 

How much does it cost? For £247 (inclusive of VAT) you'll get an hour with me, to solve your issue. After the call, I'll also share with you any HR templates that will be helpful including letter or form templates.

How does it work? You tell me when you book your session what the 'problem' is you're trying to solve, and we solve it in the session. Simple as that. If it's very complex and may take more than an hour to solve or you need ongoing support, we can discuss this on our call.

"Initially I thought it was a bit expensive for HR advice. But, having read some horror stories of people who didn't have the right advice I decided to find out more about it. 

After I spoke to Mandy I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I would highly recommend this service to any small business owner. Mandy gave me a clear action plan and covered all my questions and I was given great advice and template letters for the disciplinary meeting which saved me a lot of time and worry. 

I now have peace of mind, which is invaluable and my issue is resolved. I will sleep much better knowing everything is in place and I am protected. So by the end it wasn't a cost, it was actually a bargain. After speaking with a couple of business friends and hearing about the problems they had without the right advice I realise the investment was worth every penny".

Lee, Sound Publishing


"Mandy is a dream to work with. We worked together at a very difficult time in my business when I really needed some support with staffing and managing challenging situations, Mandy made the process clear, calm and professional, she is incredibly skilled at what she does.  

If you are looking for help with ANYTHING to do with HR, staffing or hiring someone I would 100% recommend Mandy. It made such an impact on my business to have her as a professional guiding me through a process to find a resolution.  

It can be hard running a business on your own and having HR support on your side is not always the first investment you think of but working with Mandy is worth every penny".

Jessica, Founder of LJS


"Mandy was so helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. She talked through all the issues clearly and I had trust and faith in her guidance. Could not recommend higher!!!! Thank you"

Ali M, Bedford


Let's not hang about. You can book a session with me today using my online calendar. A 60 minute session costs £247, and you can pay securely after you select your date/time.